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FOCUSONE Payment Solutions in collaboration with SmartChoice Technologies (SCT) has launched a new mobile payment system “SCT MoCo”. The technology enables registered users to use their mobile phones to make utility payments and financial transactions. The mobile application is linked to a SCT Debit card. The system makes use of existing telecoms, banks and merchant's ecosystems so that use of the service is as easy as having one more plastic card or a wallet in one’s pocket.


SCT MoCo users can make payments of any sort such as purchase payments, utility payments and online payments through their mobile phones. All payments can be made ON-SITE or OFF-SITE that will be revolutionary to any time of payments made in Nepal so far.



Some benefits of MoCo are:

1.    MoCo extends SCT plastic cards to mobile, enabling financial transactions via mobile phones.


2.    A hassle free sign up process. If you have a smart phone (Android/iPhone), data connectivity and         SCT card, you can start using MoCo in just a few minutes.


3.    Regulatory approved 2 factor authentications: MoCo password + SCT card PIN.


4.    Uses secure communication channel via data. Doesn't use insecure SMS, IVR, or USSD.


5.    SCT card information is never revealed to third-party (merchants).


6.    Capability of linking more than one SCT card to a specific account.


For more information, please visit www.moco.com.np or like our Facebook page

https://www.facebook.com/moco.sct or SMS MoCo to 2426.