SCT UPI Cards now in India

Mon, May 7th, 2018


SCT UPI Cards are now accepted all ATMs  in India. Our member bank's customers are now able to withdraw cash from their SCT Debit Cards in all ATMs in India.

This service will be comparatively cheaper than other networks available in the market and would be beneficial for both the member banks and their customers.

Following are the SCT member banks which have availed this service to their valued cardholders:


  1. Everest Bank Ltd.
  2. Gandaki Bikas Bank Ltd.
  3. Gurkhas Finance Ltd.
  4. Himalayan Bank Ltd.
  5. ICFC Finance Ltd.
  6. Jebil's Finance Ltd.
  7. Kailash Bikas Bank Ltd.
  8. Kanchan Dev Bank Ltd.
  9. Pokhara Finance Ltd.
  10. Reliance Finance Ltd.