e-Payment Solution by SCT Network

Wed, Feb 14th, 2018

SmartChoice Technologies Ltd. (SCT) and it's e-commerce partner and payment solutions provider D-Sys P. Ltd. have signed up for providing e-payment services to SCT members. Out of which, 10 member financial institutions have already signed up for this service and is planning to enroll rest of the members as well. Among them Nepal Bank Ltd. has been gone live with e-commerce since November 2009.

Other financial institutions connected with SCT and being tested for e-commerce are Laxmi Bank Ltd., Siddhartha Development Bank and Reliance Finance Ltd.. Debit card holder of afore mentioned financial institutions are provided with a separate PIN for online transactions. For transactions more that Rs.10, 000, SCT cardholders will be provided a security key-Webstic-which assures information security. This device protects against identity theft, phishing and persons in the middle as users are not allowed to give their credentials until and unless they insert this security key after checking out from merchant's online store. SCT also provides a java-based personal identification number (PIN) pad to enter the PIN, which prevents from getting or fetching the PIN number entered by user even if there is some kind of key logger software being used on the PC. This ensures that even cyber cafes or officer computers are sage for e-commerce.

D-Sys P. Ltd is SCT's e-commerce partner and payment solutions provider. It is the first ever payment gateway in Nepal that is used to perform secure electronic payment processing.

SCT does not charge the banks and financial institutions in its network for e-payment services. With this e-payment solution, one can easily pay NTC GSM post Paid Mobile Bills and PSTN (Land Line) Bills if he/she owns an SCT Card from any member bank of SCT Network and if his/her card is e-commerce enabled.

The merchants already signed up and live for e-payment solutions are Muncha House which is an online shopping mall consisting of 32 online store ranging from fashion boutiques to branded stores and from electronics and IT solution providers to online puja. Another online merchant is Music Nepal P. Ltd. an online music and movies store.